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Perhaps you’ve been charged with domestic violence in California and need a professional team of

fully qualified and experienced legal representatives to help you make your case. Or, maybe you

have been the victim of domestic violence and abuse in your California home, and you’re now ready

to take that next step and ensure that justice is served. Whatever the case might be for your case,

our team is proud to be one of the most experienced lawyers specializing in Californian domestic

violence laws. As such, if you need a local professional team to help with your case, you can be

confident that our experts can help.

What is a Domestic Violence Case?

Before looking any further, it’s integral that you have a clear understanding of what a domestic

violence case actually is and what this entails. After all, the specific laws will often vary from state to

state; however, for California specifically, we’ve outlined a few key things that may help you learn a

little more.


Understanding the California Domestic Violence Laws

Domestic violence in California is typically defined as any attempt to physically harm, intimidate, or

threaten another individual with whom you have held a relationship or otherwise lived with.

As such, domestic violence cases are often seen between spouses (or former spouses),

boyfriends/girlfriends, familial relationships, housemates, or anyone with whom you are connected

to by either blood or marriage.

Common examples of actions that are liable for a domestic violence case may include:

- Sexual assault

- Physical injury

- Threatening behaviors, be it in person or remotely (such as by phone, email, or letter)

- Stalking behaviors

- Attempts to disturb emotional calm through coercive control

The above list applies in cases where the event was carried out, but also in cases where such was

attempted but unsuccessful (for example, in cases where an individual attempts to cause physical

injury but misses). Of course, the exact definition of domestic violence will vary from case to case; as

such, if you’re unsure, we recommend that you get professional support from your local legal

representative for domestic violence in California before looking any further.

What are the Penalties for a Domestic Violence Case in California?

The exact penalty for domestic violence cases in California cannot be readily predicted, since this will

depend on the severity of the crime and the nature of the action. What’s more, the duration of the

crime will often also play a significant role. However, common penalties and rulings will include:

- Minimum jail time

- Domestic violence classes (often known as “Batterer’s Intervention Program”

- Loss of custody

- Loss of gun rights

- Restraining orders

- Fines

- Deportation or inadmissibility (for non-US citizens)

These are just a handful of potential penalties that you (or your abuser) may face as a result of your

domestic violence case. Fortunately, when you get professional support from an experienced

domestic violence attorney team in California, you can be confident of a fair result from your trial.


Can I Get a Reduced Penalty for a Domestic Violence Case?

As a professional team of fully licensed legal attorneys and lawyers in California, we are immensely

proud to tackle each case of domestic violence with meticulous detail to ensure a fair result for all

parties. From supporting you during the legal paperwork process through to making your case in

court, whether guilty or innocent, we will stand firmly by your side throughout to ensure a suitable

result is found.

Please don’t leave things to chance; we’re here for you, and we can help ensure that your domestic

violence case is handled with the professionalism and care it needs. Our friendly and caring

approach is what makes our team different, and we are confident that you’ll experience the best

possible solutions when you partner with us.

Choose Professional Representation for your Domestic Violence Case

When it comes to your domestic violence case in California, it’s so critical that you’ve got the most

effective support in place. Fortunately, this is where our expert team comes in. We share an

unwavering determination to provide the most thorough and effective legal representation for

domestic violence cases; after all, it’s more than just a job for us.

Our expert knowledge of California’s domestic violence laws ensures that we are one of the most

highly commended local teams, and this is something that we apply to every case. We’re

determined to ensure a fair and reasonable outcome for your domestic violence case in California,

and we won’t rest until we’ve achieved exactly that.

So, why not reach out to our team if you’re ready to learn more about us and our services. We’re

confident we can give your case the boost it needs; so, partner with our California domestic violence

lawyers today to discover more.

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